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Crystal Martinez
is actively registering students for in person acting classes beginning Sept 6


New In Person Class Schedule 
Wednesday & Friday: 7pm
Thursday: 2pm & 8:30pm
Saturday: 2pm & 6pm

Class size is limited
Register early for an  additional discount


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Olivia Holden

The most significant thing I learned about myself from this workshop is that I have so much to give emotionally. And that I now have an idea of what kind of characters or films I see myself in. Knowing the genre of film that best suits you is vital as an actor because you want to be believable.  You want the audience to believe what you live through the character, but by being yourself and becoming the character. The character is the empty vessel you give the character purpose.

Byron Hughey.jpg

Byron Hughey

The significant thing I've learned from the workshop is learning how to channel those emotions when you're playing a character. It's about letting out those emotions and expressing that to the viewing audiences. 

The particular exercises you demonstrate to us are about letting go, getting out of your own way. The way you interview us, really helped me to open up a little more and be totally comfortable in front of the camera And I thank you for that

Lydia Meadows_edited.jpg

Lydia Meadows

Because of "Living on Camera" I now know what to look for to know when I've settled in to living the role versus saying the lines


Ethan Salmon

The most significant thing I learned was the script analysis. There are times that I lose track of what the writer wants us to understand. 

The lessons definitely made me better, not just the analysis lesson but tapping into emotions. I learned that going into the emotions you have to control the range if you don't you will get lost in them.

Thank you for it all, really was helpful. We all learned something valuable from it, enjoyed eery bit

Madison Glivens.JPG

Madison Glivens

I learned what my emotional triggers are and was able to identify favorable and unfavorable emotions I felt.

It will help me become a better actor by being able to access them when I have emotional scenes and better understand the characters and what they're feeling and why. 

Current Classes & Links

Register NOW for September IN Person classes before spots fill

Classes begin September 13 

Happy to announce the new studio location in the Montrose District where I will now offer 5 class options to choose from as well as private coaching, audition taping along with new workshops and programs! 

Take advantage of the new location dates AND receive an additional discount of

$100 for 4 classes

if you register before September 9!  

Call 281.790.4324 for more information 

Spots fill quickly


film/tv on camera acting classes focusing on settling into yourself for a natural compelling performance using character analysis, scene breakdown as guides. let the script teach you how to bring yourself in to the character.


all scenes are taped on camera and the best takes shared on the Ogac you tube channel. current and past students scenes as well as samples of coaching sessions & other Ogac events are all on the Ogac YouTube channel


private coaching and audition taping sessions are available individually or in groups of more for a discount. sessions are offered online as well as in person

The very first group of students to participate in an agent visit with Pastorini/Bosby agent Cindi Davis, seated in the middle. 6 of them are now represented by PB Talent and working are working actors!

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